I AM Incorporated aims to provide quality nutrition and community involvement to individuals and families in need.

We are a new Non Profit Incorporation as of August 2021. We are excited to serve and show all progress here!

At I AM Incorporated we believe quality nutrition should be taught and available to everyone. In these times where disease and viruses are an everyday threat, it is now crucial that we are taking our vitamins and supplements to equip our bodies with fundamental nutrition.

I AM Incorporated was founded by Kimberley Noel Brounsuzian, a single parent of 3 who understands the value and expense of quality nutrition. Her life changing results from an uneducated eating lifestyle to a conscious diet created a passion for health and nutrition she aims to help others experience.

God said his people perish for a lack of knowledge and our knowledge on how to be truly healthy is not being taught on a mainstream level. Knowledge is power. Health is wealth.

We are located in Toronto, Canada and aim to serve or community and the greater surrounding areas. We also have an international mission in Lagos Nigeria where we are aiming to provide nutrition and community involvement for families in need.

Consider donating to the #FeedingHisSheep campaign to help provide families in need with vitamins and supplements.

Donations can be sent on Paypal to I AM Incorporated or email transfer donations can be sent to kimberleynoel@iaminc.net. Further details and contact forms are below in the “Contact Us” section.


To keep up to date with all of our progress consider subscribing below :)

Contact Us

To apply for nutritional assistance please send your name, email and phone number. Please keep in mind this organization is to help those in financial distress who need assistance in maintaining quality nutrition.

Donations can be sent to kimberleynoel@iaminc.net

Applications and questions can be sent to iam858inc@gmail.com

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